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The Saywhen Racing Team consists of:

Starting from the left is the team members:

Chris Harrington - Driver
Mary Harrington - Crew member
Karen Harrington - Crew member
Jeff Harrington Jr. - Driver
Jeff Harrington Sr. - Crew Chief

After purchasing the car in the Fall of 2007, there has been a lot of fun had with the car along with several changes that has transpired over the years.  We started off just getting to know the car the first year in spring of 2008.  There was a huge learning curve getting up to speed on running upwards of 185mph in the quarter.  Not to mention learning the likes & dislikes of the car.  Even so we were able to net a best time in the high sevens with 24lbs of boost.

During the 2009 season, there were a couple of minor modifications done to the car.  We added a front spoiler, redone the intercooler, reservoir for the intercooler, and the piping for the charged side of the turbo.  In addition to this, mid-season we upgraded to a billet 106mm turbo.  With these changes and increasing the boost above 30lbs, we were able to net our first 200mph pass.  Alone with going 7.40 letting off at the 1000ft marker, we still feel that the old combination with the AFR225 heads would have gone at least a 7.2xís.  Not bad for a completely steal body car with glass all around that weighted in at a hefty 3250lbs. 

After the 2009 season, we decided to rework the entire car.  With that we took the chassis down to Team-Z so a 25.2 cage could be installed.  Then we purchased a 441ci Bennett motor with a high flowing set of SC-1 heads.  Due to the change in motor and increased capabilities of the heads, we decided to add a pair of the Garrett GT47/18 turbos to help increase the power level of the car.  Once these changes were determined, it was also noted the car needed to be put on a diet.  Between the changes of going from mild steel to chromoly steel cage, we were able to save some weight.  In addition to this we added a carbon fiber front clip, while keeping the glass windows and remaining body parts as steel.  After all the hard work we were able to reap the benefits from the time and money spent.  During the spring of 2010, we were able to run 6.96 at nearly 215mph on the sixth full run of the car.  We were extremely impressed seeing the car was still soft to the 330ft marker and we still havenít turned up the boost. 

Unfortunately, just before mid-season we got into the wall at one of the local races.  Due to this we are now working on fixing the car for the 2012 season. 
With all the time and efforts put into the car, we could not do this without the support of friends and family.  As followed are some of the people that help, therefore we own them a special thanks:

Gilbert Harrington
Steve Rush
Jim Corkins
Kirt Corkins
Ryan Graves

Mary Harrington working on her typical job between rounds, her and Karen share this roll along with reapplying the wheelie bar chalk.  Also letís not forget they are the ones that typically keep us fed throughout the day! 
The guys reviewing the data after a run along with developing a game plan for the next round.